A local Betoota man who suffers from hereditary baldness and also happens to be over six foot, has today revealed that he’s pretty over the Peter Garret impersonations performed in front of him whilst trying to have a quiet bevvy at the pub.

Anthony Klim, a FIFO electrician at North Queensland’s Blue Sky mine, has expressed his displeasure through a quiet word with his best mate Trent over the weekend.

“He’s pretty over it” said Trent, a debt collector for Ray White real estate. “He likes to stop in and have a wind down beer with the guys, but there’s inevitably one goose who thinks it’d be hilarious to flap his arms about and sing ‘US Forces’ or some shit, just cos he’s tall and got no hair. He doesn’t even really look like old mate”.

Brandon Moginie, the publican at East Betoota’s Armistice Hotel, says he has witnessed the display countless times. “Yeah it always happens. I gotta admit I might’ve done it once or twice myself. The last time though, I joined in with another regular and he just looked at me and said ‘if you’re not gonna save me, who’s gonna save me?”

Speaking to Anthony, it was clear that he’s pretty fed up. “The time has come to say fairs fair” he demanded.

“I can’t help it that I’m tall and bald, why rub it in? I’m pretty close to just buying my own bar to be honest. I heard the Breakfast Creek Hotel is up for sale”.


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