THE NEW BLACK LIVES MATTER: Sexism is on the rise again in Australian society, it has been confirmed.

This comes as the second highest caste of Australian elites have realised that systemic discrimination is indeed not a thing of the past, with this newly oppressed minority now complaining that they feel like they are being treated like common Catholics.

Our nation’s richest white women have received the humbling reminder that it doesn’t matter how insulated they are from the unwashed masses, their dads mates still do not view them as equal.

Membership to the elite Australian Club in Sydney will remain a male-only following a historic vote on Tuesday which failed to open up full participation to women, because all of the people voting on it were old blokes who want to be members of a male only club because that’s something that appeals to them.

It’s a news story that has dominated the major mastheads, in a sickening reminder of how close the Australian media class is to these elite clubs whose strict class-centric criteria rules out 99.999% of the population, regardless of gender of race.

A brief statement from the club said: “The Australian Club today held a Special General Meeting to consider a specific resolution for the purpose of amending the Club’s Constitution to allow women to be Members. The meeting determined that the 75 per cent threshold to pass the resolution was not met.”

This vote, that no one would have known anything about if it weren’t for the fact that a concerning amount of Australian journalists seem to be close friends with the jilted multi-millionaire corporate shills who have missed out on joining the very top echelons of the Australian bourgeois, simply because they are female.

With a yearly membership fee of $4,500 a year and a gruelling initiation process, this elite club must put on a hell of a feed.

However, given their extremely white protestant membership, it is unlikely that they are serving anything quite as tasty as what you can get at the nearby Marrickville Portuguese Club, which shares a venue with the Marrickville Hardcourts Club, which also serves as the after-match venue for the mighty Newtown Jets Rugby League Club.


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