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The Betoota/Windorah chapter of the Young Liberals hosted their first over-the-internet drinks last night in honour of Australia’s head of state, HM The Queen.

As it was The Queen’s official birthday over the weekend, the group in years gone by have hosted the celebration at the Lake Betoota Sailing Club but this year, something else has gotten in the way.

“That blasted snow,” said Derek Scullin, who was controversially elected to President late last year.

Scullin was the first Young Liberal with long hair to hold executive office.

“Nearly all of our members have headed down to the New South Welsh ski fields. We didn’t get much snow on Mount Remienko in the last drop, it’s very icy. But if you ask me, one should not be skiing on the Queen’s Birthday. It’s very common,”

“Our way of life is under attack from everywhere, so we need all hands on deck in the future to make sure tradition lives on and isn’t eroded by the woke left,”

“So I began the zoom drinks with a toast, to Her.”

More to come.


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