A critically ill 3-year-old Australian-born Tamil girl who has spent her entire childhood behind bars in a series of Australian immigration facilities because of a clerical error surrounding her family’s bridging visa is of no interest to the public, according to the NewsCorp newspapers who have made every effort to not report on this national disgrace.

Perth doctors were able to diagnose Tharnicaa with a blood infection caused due to “untreated” pneumonia following more than 10 days of begging Christmas Island immigration officer for medical treatment.

Following a reluctant medivac to the mainland, the toddler is now receiving antibiotics intravenously. Doctors say her blood infection remains a concern.

Tharnicaa last made headlines when she lost all of her baby teeth prematurely due to the malnutrition and lack of sunlight provided in her tortured existence as a scapegoat for Peter Dutton’s racist dog whistling.

This little girl’s life thus far has been a whirlwind of human rights violations after Border Force officers kicked in the front door of her family home in 2017 after they found out her disobedient refugee parents had decided to give birth to her on Australian soil.

Her Tamil parents, Priya and Nades Murugappan, and her older sister Kopika had been living in Biloela, Queensland, seeking asylum from Sri Lanka. Her old man worked as a labourer at the Teys meatworks, and her mother was a valued community volunteer.

If it were not for their loyal supporters in their rural hometown, Tharnicaa’s critical illness might not have even made headlines in the ABC. It certainly has not made headlines in any of the Murdoch newspapers, which currently make up 70% of the Australian media market, and are known for their unrelenting support for the Morrison government.

Instead, NewsCorp are more focused on peddling conspiracies about the Victorian Premier’s spinal injury, which has prompted accusations of a “cover-up” from his useless state opposition, with the Liberals demanding to know if police investigated his fall in March.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ three-month absence from work began when he slipped on wet stairs at a holiday house in Sorrento, on the Mornington Peninsula, on March 9.

However, with a Labor landslide expected in the upcoming Victorian election, the Herald Sun and Sky News are doing their very best to focus on the issues that matter – like ousting the 48-year-old Dan Andrews and his bung back from Parliament.

Unfortunately, a little brown girl’s rapidly deteriorating health at the hands of apathetic Immigration officials is not the type of news story that paints the window licking Victorian Liberals in a good light.

The Prime Minister’s office were asked for comment on Tharnicaa’s condition, but only responded with go New South Wales!! How good’s Origin haha.


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