A local aspiring actor/singer/ dancer/playwright is never not carrying on like a goose, it has been confirmed.

While 25-year-old Emily Browther is actually great company, the fact that she is unable to ever stop singing or dancing or making weird faces means that her better qualities are quite often lost on her immediate friends and housemates.

Mundane tasks like cooking and cleaning are usually turned into full blown stage performances, where Emily acts like her life is a musical, while staring into the eyes of those nearby – waiting for either a laugh or for someone to beg her to stop.

“I’m cleaninggg the house. I’m CAAAA-LEEEEAAAANINNNG THEEE HOUSEEEEE” she belts out, opera style, before picking up an egg whisker and being even more of a creep by singing into it.

“I’ve you liked it then you should put and egg on it!” she sings before breaking into laughter.


Friends who only catch up with Emily weekly, fortnightly or monthly see a much different side to her, as in she is always positive and funny – however any doses that are more regular than are often worn down by her freaky, almost manic behaviour.

Romantically, Emily usually gravitates toward robotic tradie blokes who don’t really have a personality, leaving more room for her! Hahahaha!



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