Like it or loathe, the gym is like the jungle according to aspiring fitness model and entrepreneur, Rocky. and if you haven’t earnt the stringlet, then don’t go wearing it.

The 23 year old Clovelly local said he was finally tipped over the edge when a “casual lifter” in a tiny singlet kept leaving dumbells in front of the mirror.

“It’s the law of the jungle in here bro, you can’t swagger around in a stringlet if your benching half your body weight like a little bitch,” he said.

“You wouldn’t see some little gazelle prancing around in front of one of the lions without a care in the world. Yeah, well I am the lion, and this is my Savannah.”

The “casual lifter” – a 22 year old communications student from UNSW called Levi Davidson – was bemused by the whole situation.

“Lol, fucking hell. What a moron. I go to the gym a couple of times a week to try and stay fit and put on a bit of size, and it’s full of these puffed up idiots. He was sauntering around me the whole time I was trying to use the bench press,” he said.

The Advocate contacted the local Fitness First where the incident occurred, and the gym manager explained that the gym does not have a strong clothing policy, or a strong policy on anything for that matter, “We don’t really care what people do as long as people let us keep debiting them on a fortnightly basis they can do what they want.”

A part time personal trainer with Cert 4 in Fitness, Rocky says that “you have to earn a stringlet. It’s like a badge of honour dude. You shouldn’t be able to just get one and wear it wherever you like.”

“I eat a diet consisting of huge amounts of protein, I bust my arse and my body lifting heavy and I avoid cardio at all costs. That’s what you call earning it.”



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