Briarne Jahnce, a local Instagram model and social media influencer has been dealt a little bit of a reality check today.

The aesthetically blessed 24-year-old who is well versed in vectors, angles, makeup and photography has today come to terms with the fact that you can’t lay down free products you’ve been sent on a place to call home.

The young go-getter, who refers to herself on Instagram as an ‘entrepreneur,’ has grown her humble account from just over 500 followers to 10k in the last year.

“It’s been a huge success she said. People seem to love following my adventures,” she said.

“Oh and music lyrics captions on my photos,” she laughed.

The uptake in eye balls, thanks to her cheeky yet playful captions on photographs of doing normal things, has also resulted in an influx of free beauty and fashion products.

However, the aforementioned consumer goods have been proven to not actually be worth that much, after a mortgage broker refused to accept said goods as the basis for a deposit.

“Yeah fucking uno home loans, they told me that I need to have actual physical currency as income if I want to get started with a nice little place in the French Quarter,” Jahnce told one of our reporters.

“Ughhhhhhh. I think it’s time I get an agent to sort me out some modelling gigs.”


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