HE’S A GOOD GUY WHEN YOU GET TO KNOW HIM: As NSW once again ramps up social distancing measures, Hot Mess Gladys has once again found herself having to answer for the underwhelming and men in her life.

Speaking to the media today, The NSW Premier says her government can’t do anything about the fact that less than 3% of the nation has received both jabs.

“Firstly, we don’t have [enough people jabbed] to distinguish between those that have been [immunised] and those that haven’t.

This particular strand is extremely contagious and we don’t have enough of the population [immunised] to make those distinctions.”

“If we had a higher proportion of the population jabbed, we could have considered it but we don’t know any of that.”

When quizzed on why the state hasn’t got the sufficient amount of jabs to make sure these kind of snap restrictions don’t have to keep crushing small businesses and casual workers, Berejiklian once again found herself having to confront the incompetency of the dopey men in her life.

Hot Mess Gladys says the state can’t do anything to accelerate the rollout, because they can’t get more supplies from the federal government, because the Prime Minister, a man she is required to publicly support due to party politics, was too busy starting a trade war with China this time last year to secure an order of doses from anyone but the shitty Oxford jab, which took months to get here when he finally inked the deal, forcing him to undermine public trust in it to buy more time with his sensationalised concern over the very rare examples of blood clots.

Gladys says her hands are tied, because this is a Federal responsibility, and they are failing at that responsibility, just like they are failing at their responsibility to isolate overseas arrivals in quarantine centres that aren’t inner-city luxury hotels with shared air vents.

“We can’t increase it. The federal government is in charge.” she said, pointing to the crux of the issue.

“we were advised of the doses we will receive soon based on population and NSW will get its fair share.”

But they aren’t here yet, and the targets keep moving so it’s hard to know when they ever will be.


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