The North Brisbane city slicking Liberal MP Peter Dutton has today learnt an important lesson in Western Queensland ettiquette.

You don’t start fights in towns with abattoirs.

This is an age-old proverb in the rural heartland – and there is no exception to the rule the meat workers are always good for a blue, and can bloody blue.

In fact, only the most cotton-wool wrapped Liberal Party toff would think they can roll into a town like Biloela with Serco contractors and Border Force jackboots to kidnap a young local family in the middle of the night – and not expect their neighbours to put up a fight.

It’s for this reason that today, the human-rights-violating former Home Affairs Minister and his war-chest of nearly 100 million tax payer dollars was left knocked out cold on the floor of Parliament House – as The Murugappan family were finally granted a temporary three-month visa to stay in Australia.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke said on Wednesday he approved the Tamil family’s request for a three-month bridging visa, providing them work and study rights.

“Under section 195A, a Minister can intervene to grant a person a visa if it is in the public interest to do so,” Mr Hawke said in a statement.

“This decision allows three members of the family (mum, dad and oldest daughter) to reside in the Perth community on bridging visas, while the youngest child’s medical care, and the family’s legal matters, are ongoing.

The younges child is Australian-born, hence why this former disgraced Queensland copper turned failed Liberal Party leadership challenger has had such a hard time deporting them back to Sri Lanka to be murdered by ethnic paramilitaries.

The family will continue to have access to health care, support services, housing and schooling in the Perth community, the statement read

Last week, the family was reunited in Perth as their young daughter Tharnicaa recovered in hospital from an illness that went untreated on Christmas Island, where they had been since 2019 after losing their bid to secure refugee status.

Today’s decision has been influenced solely by the hard work of grassroots protestors from their home town, where the old man worked in the Teys Meats Works and the mum work as a local community volunteer.

Biloela should be very proud of their work in campaigning for today’s result.

The next step is getting these little girls back to their home in the Banana Shire.



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