Sydney is about to go into lockdown.

Or that’s the word on street – according to various group chats on various platforms.

Straight from the horse’s mouth/es, a large number of Sydneysiders have reportedly heard strong 4th or 5th hand evidence that this latest outbreak is BAD!

While Gladys is set to announce 11 cases later today, it’s believed plenty of people with an ear to the ground can confirm that a lockdown is unavoidable.

One such Sydney Resident, Phil ‘Brooksy’ Brooks explained to The Advocate that his mate’s sister actually works as a registrar doctor at St Vincent’s Hospital and has heard that we are about to go into a ‘code magenta.’

Despite having never heard of a code magenta before, Brooksy reckons the city’s legit locking down.

“Apparently she was told by her mate who works in the infectious diseases department that there’s a heap of unknown sources and the only way they can get on top of things is by locking down,” explained Brooksy, a man who informed his mates a prominent Queensland Rugby League great was going to jail for international drug trafficking last year.

“They aren’t actually reporting them all, because one of the known sources came from a party that Sacha Baron Cohen and Natalie Portman were at, and because of all the buzz around stuff being filmed around here they don’t wanna make a big deal out of it.”

“Wild aye.”

After being told about the 11 cases today, Brooksy reckons the announcement must be coming tomorrow.

More to come.


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