With an epic gold medal haul this morning, the week long party taking place at the Noosa PODs Headquarters looks to have a competitor coming from behind in Australia’s biggest piss up.

The PODs, which stands for Parents Of Dolphins, have been bendering through countless live crosses this week, as Australia’s swimmers keep delivering stand out performances in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The party started this week with Brendon Smith’s old man declaring to a national audience that he would be mixing up a rum before midday, after his boy opened the medal tally on Sunday.

Since then, Australia has stacked up the silverware with the womens events and the relays.

It is not yet known how many bottles of champagne Titmus’s parents have gone through, and if those families have even left that giant function room at any point over the last week.

However, it seems the Swimming Parents are now neck-and-neck for the gold medal in celebrating, after bottles began popping in the Australian Rowing Parents hub in Perth this morning.

Australia nabbed our 4th and 5th gold medals just moments ago, after two exhilarating finishes from the men’s and women’s fours rowing crews.

Lucy Stephan, Rosemary Popa, Jessica Morrison and Annabelle McIntyre finished just ahead of the Dutch and Ireland in this at Tokyo’s Sea Forest Waterway.

Minutes after that, Alexander Purnell, Spencer Turrin, Jack Hargreaves, and Alexander Hill broke Olympic record and took the gold in the mens boat ahead of Romania and Italy.

The party has well and truly begun for the parents in the WA headquarters, who are having a champagne breakfast due in the AWST time zone.

With Titmus bringing another gold medal home since the rowers, the Noosa piss-up has just received a second win before midday as well.

It will be interesting to see if these parties can maintain the stamina throughout their respective piss ups as the tssss of cans opening begins before lunch has even been served in both camps.

However, it would seem that early starts have never been a problem for the parents of either swimmers or rowers.


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