The embattled public servant working the front desk at Gold Coast Centrelink has finally cracked the shits with these dole bludgers today.

As someone who is tasked with making sure struggling people get the financial aid they need to survive, Barb Blacklock says it’s been a frustrating enough year for everyone working at Services Australia. But seeing retail billionaire Gerry Harvey approach the front of the line this afternoon wearing a neck brace was the last straw.

“Get out Gerry!” she shouts.

“You’ve been warned about coming back in here with your fake claims… You are making a mockery of the single parents out there living off black and gold”

Earlier this week it was reported that Gerry Harvey had attempted to mend his relationship with the Australian taxpayer, who unwillingly donated millions of dollars to his retail chain Harvey Norman last year – with full permission from the Morrison Government.

It is believed that with 60 Minutes and other reluctant media companies now left with no option but to investigate his unethical hoarding of disaster payments, Gerry Harvey has repaid $6 million of JobKeeper – but his franchise network is keeping another $15 million of the subsidy.

This is not a good look for the iconic racehorse breeder, or the elected officials and complicit media networks that refused to say anything until it became clear that Gerry’s greed is the reason that JobKeeper hasn’t been re-instated for the current lockdown.

On top of this, Harvey Norman has seen a major boost in profits over 2021, up 80%.

The fact that the company has belatedly repaid $6 million of JobKeeper received by its head office entities in FY21 and FY20, doesn’t mean shit to the Australian public, who are now acutely aware that rich people can do whatever they want in this country without any repercussions.

However, while Prime Minister Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg dismiss the calls for Gerry pay back the lot as ‘the politics of envy’ – it seems one Centrelink receptionist isn’t going to sit back and watch any of these rorts continue.

“Turn around and walk out that door!” shouts Barb.

Gerry, seemingly astounded by the hide of this assertive female thinking she can talk to him this way, returns fire.

“I’m old!” he shouts, as he points to the neck brace he has worn into the office to support his new claim for whatever pension he can pry from the government.

“Give me free money!”

But Barb knows a rorter when she sees one.

“Not a chance in hell old man”

“Now fuck off back to the mansion”

“Don’t make me call the Australian Financial Review!”


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