In an ever-changing world of shifting realities, it can be revealed today that some things will never change. 

This comes after it was confirmed that a fully grown male adult has done it again. 

Homo sapien named Brad Stevens (with a V) has forgotten an important date once more, for probably the 30th or so time in his short life. 

The young out-of-home plumber from the French Quarter has revealed to The Advocate today that he has completely forgotten about Father’s Day again. 

“Not conveniently forgotten like an underfire politician facing questions for their behaviour, but like full on forgotten,” sighed Stevens today. 

“Guess it’s time to lean on my old friend Mr Afterpay,” laughed the man who had a rather lavish weekend, and gets paid fortnightly by his crusty old boss. 

The sudden emergence of the problem came after his very mature and organised older accountant sister sent him a heads up reminder a short time ago. 

“I don’t know why I have to organise it,” said the sibling of a sister who has organised the last 4 or so family presents. 

“Fuck, it’s gonna be expensive too,” sighed the young hedonist charged with getting a group gift for his 3 siblings. 

“Ah well, that’s what the old Afterpay account’s for,” he laughed. 

“Anyway, I better get him something decent, otherwise the old boy will sook for months.” 

“He always says don’t get me anything, but he doesn’t mean it, not one little bit.” 

The young man who is really good at getting gifts then told us he needed to try and figure out exactly what he was gonna sort out. 

“Some fishing shit is always good.” 


“I don’t know,” he said before going back to scrolling TikTok.


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