Bill Shorten’s hardening indifference to Adani’s proposed coal mine has unnerved his Queensland colleagues, who fear there will be a regional backlash for the ALP if they can’t promise jobs on top of jobs for FIFO workers from out of state.

Speaking to inner-Melbourne constituents today, Mr Shorten today threw out another position on the $16 billion Adani mine, saying: “I don’t support it because it doesn’t add up commercially and environmentally. It is the same project, it’s the same proposition – just I’m having to talk to environmentalists in Victoria right now, and this is what I’ve decided to say”

The Opposition Leader’s position on the mine has previously been less strident.

Even today, during a media conference alongside South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill, Mr Shorten offered an alternative, more nuanced view.

Pressed by a reporter on what shadow cabinet’s policy was on the Carmichael mine, he replied: “I have been through it time and time again and what I would like to say about this particular issue that has the potential to become a policy that actually sets the Labor party apart from the current government, is…”

“Fuck, I mean, um, the thing with Adani is, wait sorry who’s asking this question?”

“Where are you from mate?”

After being informed that the question was directed to him by a random journalist from Adelaide, Shorten said he’s not sure why he’s being asked this by someone who should be focusing on the very real issues facing his home state.


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