Nearly two months since their high tide mark, where tens of thousands of gathered outside the Federal Parliament as part of the ‘Convoy To Canberra’ – and the freedom protests seem to have run out of steam.

While Canada’s truckers continue to make life hard for politicians in North America with their blockades and supply chain disruption, the Australian arm of this global movement appears to have all but given up.

Today, it was as clear as ever that there was no more wind in the sails – as less than 100 protestors did their best to keep the dream alive by abusing bus drivers and police officers in the nation’s capital.

The city’s overworked intelligence personnel and crowd control experts that have spent the last eight weeks tailing these protestors say they are at a loss to explain why the numbers have suddenly dropped so dramatically.

Early theories explaining the dwindling protestor count point to the possibility that the movement eventually realised that the government had mandated vaccines for literally nothing except overseas travel, a luxury that many of us are not in a position to indulge in the midst of a recession.

“Maybe they just come to grips with the fact that protesting outside a government building that politicians spend less 3 months a year inside was probably not the best place to take the fight” says local online extremism expert, Professor Wyatt Pipletoo.

With only major corporations like BHP and Qantas sacking employers over the vax status, the professor says there is a good chance that the protestors eventually accepted that the government had very little pull over this issue – and maybe they were better off joining a union.

However, there is also the theory that the Freedom ‘Cookers’ might have actually turned on their TV and gotten a reality check.

“Yeah… That could also be the case” says the expert.

“Like, after al this time working themselves up into a fuss over being medically oppressed by a government who couldn’t give a fuck if they live or die from this virus”

“Maybe they just turned on the news and saw the endless footage of the tyranny being espoused on the people of the Ukraine by a villainous dictator”

“Gave them a taste of what it looks like when white people are genuinely being oppressed”


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