As Greater Sydney enters week eight of lockdown with case numbers only roaring, restriction have since been extended to the entire state over the weekend.

This has been a sobering 24 hours for the people of New South Wales, who are now realising that this public health crisis might be around for a lot longer than they initially thought.

In response to today’s record numbers of 478 new cases, residents in regional NSW are today looking for loopholes to get across the border.

Aside from the very rare examples of compassionate exemptions for funerals or caregiving, the best someone can hope for is being a professional sports star in the AFL or NRL.

With no border bubble yet established, those in the north of the state have taken to enacting the Inglis Rule, in an effort to be ushered across the border with no questions asked.

The rule refers to the question marks that surrounding the State of Origin eligibility of NRL star Greg Inglis, who played a major role in the Queensland Maroons decade of rugby league dominance.

Inglis’ selection for the Queensland Rugby League State of Origin series team in 2006 created controversy was born and raised in Bowraville, NSW before relocating to Brisbane on a youth football program. The fact that Inglis played his first games of rep footy for Hunter Sports High in Newy meant that he should technically play for NSW.

Because of this glitch in rugby league criters, the ‘Inglis Rule’ now stipulates that anyone who lives north of Kempsey can receive automatic Queensland residency if everything goes to shit in New South Wales.

That is, providing they give their heart and soul to the proud Sunshine State, like Greg Inglis did, when he became one of ours.

Australians from the Mid-North and Far-North Coast have today it clear that they are willing to bleed Maroon over the handles of sugar cane knives if it means escaping the Greater Sydney lockdown.

We spoke to the new Inglis Rule refugees jammed on the Pacific Highway today, as they made their dash for freedom.

“QUEENSLANDERRRR!!!!” shouts local Macksville powder-coater, Craig Cogroach (55) as he hurtled towards the border.

“Yewww how good is Bob Katter. He’s got my vote! Anna too. Fuck yeah!”

Zali, a Grafton beautician forced out of work by lockdown shared similar sentiments.

“I love Alfie Langer and Wally Lewis. I love XXXX and mutton chops. I’ll only eat that shit for the rest of my life”

“Just get me the fuck out of here!”


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