The Deputy Premier of Newcastle Wollongong and Sydney (NSW) has today announced that he’ll be taking this virus head on.

John Barilaro fronted the media today to reveal that he will be launching legal action against the Delta variant.

The conference comes 3 days after the big fella hid away and announced he was plunging regional NSW into a lockdown on Twitter.

His actions caused outrage around the state, after the man who decries inner-city lefties on Twitter decided to use the platform to let his regional constituents know about a pretty significant issue.

The fresh legal action from Barilaro is set to allege that the Delta variant of this virus ‘made him look bad by alleging he is an incompetent leader who shies away from his responsibility to the people of regional NSW.’

Barilaro’s latest venture to the courtroom comes as the publicly elected figure continues his action against a YouTuber who made videos he didn’t like, questioning his integrity and actions.

Speaking to The Advocate the alpaca farmer who spends most of his time in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney explained that he’s had enough of this latest outbreak, so he’s suing it!

“That’s what defamation law is for,” he said this morning.

“For rich people to sue publications and figures who are saying things they don’t like.”

“And this Delta figure, is saying things that make me look really bad.”

“Like I’m an inadequate leader who doesn’t give a fuck about the people he represents.”

“And I don’t like that, so I’m going to put an end to it by suing it.”

“See you in court!”

Barilaro then refused to answer any questions and stormed off.

More to come.


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