If you can’t tell by the red dust he refuses to wash off his ute, local city boy, Cameron Sanston (27) went out bush last weekend.

Even though he was only out there to attend some bush races with a couple mates from school, Cameron is acting like he has just come back from a decade of hard agricultural labour – he’s got a bit more of a ocker twang in his accent and he’s also driving a bit differently.

Cameron, who as a commercial real estate property agent is yet to properly explain to anyone why he owns such a heavy duty utility vehicle, is now using high beams after dark in the city streets – providing that there’s no one in front of him.

“It’s just better that way” he said.

“Gives me a good look at what’s ahead”

“I learnt to it out bush last weekend, it’s better for reaction time in case any young fella sneak up ya of an evening”

This isn’t the first time this year that inner-city ute owners have made the headlines. In March, inner-city-ute-owner, Ben Barrink (24) made the news when he was spotted carefully placing his dog in the tray of his Holden ute.

With his 18 month old collie trying her best to be let go and not be lifted up, Ben says he can’t believe how some people get 3 or four so dogs in their tray in the bush.

“My missus reckons sometimes all these blokes do is whistle and the dogs jump in. Yeah right”


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