A local bloke who works in a field completely unrelated to Epidemiology has this week ramped up his conspiracy theories that the current public health emergency gripping the entire planet, is actually not real.

Korey Reginaldis (37) says he’s done his research into this ‘supposed’ pandemic, and once you look into the real numbers, you’ll learn that the 400,000 people who have died around the world, actually haven’t died, and that COVID-19 is “a lie”.

As someone who manages a wallpaper printing warehouse, Korey realises a lot of people will be skeptical of the wisdom he is trying to impart on YouTube.

“That’s just because there are still living in a world where the only people who are allowed to have an opinion on global pandemics are the doctors and scientists”

“So yeah, they are basically sheep. And wolves don’t care about the opinion of sheep”

According to wolves like Korey, it’s pretty clear that hospitals are using palliative deaths to fudge numbers, by attributing them to this virus. He and his online echo chamber of riled up lunatics believe and that every politician who is complicit in this oppressive hoax will eventually be put before The Hague and executed for war crimes one day, when people realise this is all a ‘lie’.

He says that face masks are the modern equivalent of that patches that the Nazis put on the sleeves of concentration camp.

However, Korey’s absolute confidence that he knows more than every single economist, epidemiologist, medical journalist and grieving family member of someone killed by COVID-19 comes as quite a surprise to those who now him personally.

According to his work colleagues and in-laws, Korey is someone who could quite easily kill himself on accident, if it weren’t for his vigilant wife who often has to intervene on his attempts to drive while drunk and use metallic objects to scoop burnt bread out of a toaster while it is still plugged into the wall.

His supposed in-depth understanding of the New World Order is also rather staggering, considering he actually had to ask his sister’s pilot husband to explain how planes stay in the air at the 2017 Reginaldis family Christmas.

With daily COVID-19 cases now dropping in Victoria as a result of these strict and “oppressive” lock down measures, Korey is only going deeper into the conspiracies – and argues that the economy has being destroyed on purpose.

“Just wait for the third wave” he says, with a crazy look in his eye.

“They aren’t done with us yet”

“They still have plenty more businesses to ruin for no reason”


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