As of today, Cynthia Marley (20) has only been in her role as an unpaid intern at the head office for RockRoll Stage Hire And Audio for two weeks.

But she’s already figured out who doesn’t want her there.

Like any other communications graduates from the last decade, Cynth is beginning her career by looking down the barrel of a year without a pay cheque – as corporate employers insist their graduate level hires arrive from university with at least year of work experience.

For Cynthia, this is only really achievable by living at home with her now not-so-empty-nester parents and not doing anything socially that would require her spending more than $20 in one outing.

However, as a bright-eyed millennial, the aspiring media and PR professional takes these body blows in her stride – knowing that she’s lucky to even have a free bed, and she’s lucky to pick up so much experience from the rusted on veterans like Kelly, who only really engage with interns when they feel like a coffee or a laugh at someone else’s expense.

However, on days like today, after both Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have been battered with relentless rain for weeks – its hard for indentured servants like Cynthia to not question whether or not the corporation that has given her nothing other than a lanyard with a swipe pass, are taking the piss.

This was all driven home just moments ago after her annual 2pm coffee run, when Kelly – the alpha receptionist – decided to point out that it was raining outside – just as Cynthia arrived back to the office soaking wet.

“Bit wet out there? haha” Kelly chuckles while maintaining directing eye contact with Cyntha – before slowly looking down at her keyboard as her smile fades.

Kelly doesn’t look back up, even after Cynthia gently slides her soy mocha, that she had to pay for because no one could find a company card, across the desk.


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