With all the grace of a dropped chicken nugget, Australian TV broadcaster Channel 7 has insisted on reminding viewers there will be “loads of good TV” still airing after the Olympics.

Despite having five years to correct their slow moving, semi responsive 7+ app, seasonal broadcast TV viewers have been treated to the type of viewing experience that has reminded them why they ditched this outdated format to begin with.

Testament to this are the constant stream of unskippable adverts, many featuring the 7 Network itself, which genuinely seems to think they can win over their captive audience with the type of TV programs that feature a Bra Boy doing SAS training. 

Although frustrating for those who want to get through a basketball game without the interruption of ads or another event entirely, many Olympic viewers can’t help but find the broadcasters’ audience retention efforts all just a bit too cute.

“Awww, they actually think I’m going to watch Home & Away,” stated Olympics viewer, Tiffany Watt (28) who will return to watching the US Office on rotation in a week or so.

“Haha or that SAS show that Kerry Stokes paid for”

“Actually fuck. The Voice is still a thing bahahaha”

“This is Zumbo’s Just Desserts all over again. Is that what it was called? I dunno, never watched it.”

“I mean honestly, if you haven’t streamed Shameless by now you really are never going too.”



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