National youth broadcaster triple j let their audience know there is sweet FA going on right now by using their news break to update their listeners on what’s happening in the AFL.

Best known for beginning with a screeching guitar you can probably hear in your head right now, the triple j hourly newsbreak is an important current affairs update for the station’s 166,000 weekly listeners.

Usually the brief update includes how current sitting MPs are ruining the lives of young people before signing off with a funny scientific discovery such as wild turtles being observed using dildos.

However, the news day was at such a slow crawl today that triple j presenter David ‘Big Show’ Woodhead was forced to suffer the indignity of updating listeners on the AFL.

“It wasn’t even about how culturally fucked Collingwood is” stated one triple j listener who is a wearer of ironic Collingwood kit.

“It was literally about the players ahead of the match! Ew!”

“Just like… Unless it’s about the entitlement and engrained chauvinism within the playing group… Why the fuck would you talk about them???”

“I don’t give a fuck whose injured leading into tonight’s spectacular round of football between the Swans and the Hawks at the SCG”

The public broadcaster has since apologised for updating their listeners on the AFL and have cancelled Warwick Capper’s scheduled appearance on HACK.



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