A middle class Australian voter who only gets her news from within the 70% of the Australian media market owned and run by Rupert Murdoch says that we are never going to see a change in government unless the opposition leader stops hiding away.

Vera Motley (57) says she didn’t even know who the Labor leader was until he she saw the proposed $300 jab incentive get a mention when she accidentally watched a bit of ABC news the other night while waiting for Hard Quiz.

“He’s nowhere to be seen!” says Vera.

“What’s he hiding from? We are doomed if this is the standard of opposition leader we have in the middle of pandemic”

While Vera is happy to openly voice her dissatisfaction with the current Prime Minister, especially after that whole spate of alleged rapes that have been levelled at high-ranking Liberal Party figures who faced no investigations or repercussions, she says she’s gonna need a bit more from the other mob if they want her vote to swing back like it did for Kevin 07.

Since taking the reigns of the ALP in the weeks after the 2019 election loss, the Leader of the Opposition, whose name is Anthony Albanese, has struggled with the stigma of a man that lacks motivation

This is mostly because he has no cut-through with his efforts to hold Scotty From Marketing accountable. It’s a problem that both he and his colleagues face across the board, and is mostly written off as the result of a lack of charisma.

And as someone who only reads The Australian and only watches Sky News, Mrs Motley says she’s more than aware of Albo’s inability to reach the average voters.

“His heart is just not in it. Where is he?” says Vera, in reference to the Labor leader who gave a national press club address in front of every journalist in the Parliament House press gallery not even a month ago, and only got airtime on ABC 24s rolling coverage.

“I’m not happy with this jab roll-out, or the way the bushfires were handled, or these constant lockdowns, or the fact that both my parents are sitting ducks for this virus in their underfunded aged care homes”

“But I’m not being given many other options here”

When asked if she thinks perhaps her media diet, which is the same as 70% of the entire Australian population who are mostly concentrated in the suburban and regional middle class suburbs, might have a bit to do with the fact that she literally had to accidentally find out the name of the opposition leader,

“It’s not media bias. That’s just a conspiracy” she says.

“I also read the Courier Mail. Sometimes even the Daily Telegraph if it’s in my newsfeed”

“I dunno.. I guess it’s just that… Sure Scotty is bad.”

“But Albo must be so much worse if this how much we hear from him”

“Anyway Peta Credlin told me that all the criticism of Morrison is mostly just a beat up by the media… She’s confident he’s got a plan to get us out of this.”

“Even she has lost faith in Labor!”


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