New panel series:

“Win The Weekly Mad As Hell Question”

The ABC is thrilled to announce a brand new panel show starring Wil Anderson, Charlie Pickering, Craig Reucassel, Shaun Micallef, Adam Hills, Tom Gleeson, Sammy J and [insert woman panelist before releasing].

This fresh new format will recap the week in ABC panel shows, quizzing panelists with a hilarious, fast paced game testing their knowledge of eerily similar shows on the same network.

Rounds will include questions such as: Which host wore a funeral dark suit? (All of them!) Which show played a dry news clip about the jab roll-out and followed it with a quip about 5G? (All of them!) Which show joked about ABC budget cuts while accepting a substantial salary increase year on year? (All of them!)

It’s news like you’ve never seen it before: Repackaged into a light entertainment format where niche political opinions that only really resonate with the most comfortable upper middle class small-L liberal audiences will be presented as a national consensus.

With a dwindling number of mentally unwell Trump supporters to interview for vox pops outside of Kentucky political rallies, the hosts have had to really branch out their targets for their searing style of news-comedy.

Economically distressed rural voters watch out…. We are coming for you!!! Rugby league fans? You’re in the crosshairs too.

Bogans, housos, wogs and any other unwashed type of white people who didn’t go to Sydney University – your time is up! For too long has Australia had to embrace the cultural cringe of the uneducated masses. It’s time for some WIT.

Tune in each week to watch the epic takedowns from our hosts, the same people you see on ever other ABC program, using the exact type of patronising language that drives single mums to vote for Pauline Hanson.

NOTE: An Aboriginal person may also appear on this program, once we find one whose comedy isn’t too, you know… colourful.

Coming soon to your ABC.


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