Victoria has recorded 45 new cases. This is very bad news.

35 of those are linked and nine are still being investigated and only 17 were in isolation for their infectious period. This is also very bad news.

On top of this, only 31,629 people received a jab in the state hubs yesterday – and that’s simply not good enough..

The Victorian website set up to book jabs has been overwhelmed, and authorities are working on building capacity. This suggests a severe level of complacency from both the state government and the general public, who have obviously left this to the last minute.

Victoria is aiming to have its senior students vaccinated before exams begin in October. Hmmmm. Sounds like something that should have been done sooner.

I guess that’s when you combine very serious outbreak with the complacency that Melbourne has become known for.

Australians everywhere outside of this Victorian city at the centre of the universe that we apparently revolve around are today begging for our southern folk to PLEASE take this lockdown seriously. And PLEASE stay home.

Queenslanders, South Australians, Western Australians, Tasmanians, Canberrans, Northern Territorians – and of course the most vulnerable New South Walshmen have taken to social media today to gentle ask Melbourne to please stay home.

“Hey guys” says the rest of Australia, in attempt to spell it out in calm and collected language that won’t offend their superior Victorian sensibilities.

“We need you to stay home to stop the spread of this virus. We know you think you are above all of this, but the rest of us are trying really hard to do the right thing and you are letting the team down”.

‘”Please. Think about the rest of us. Get your jabs and get tested. We don’t want you to ruin Christmas”


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