Scotty From Marketing continues to skirt around the big jobs today, as the Greater Sydney outbreak continues to spread right across the state.

With a large wack of aged care, disability and prison workers still not vaccinated – today’s case numbers have seen some really inspiring developments.

Namely, a prisoner has contracted the virus in Bathurst prison from an essential worker who had been commuting from Sydney’s west, he has since made his way back to the high-risk outback NSW town of Walgett, passing through a large number of equally vulnerable towns on the way.

An aged care home in Newcastle was also stung today, with 11 residents and 3 staff members testing positive.

With the entire state of NSW looking like it will go in lockdown tonight, it really is quite surprising that Scotty From Marketing hasn’t just taken the advice and offered a cash incentive for anyone who puts in the work to find a GP or hospital with a spare jab to go in their arm.

One Monday last week, the Federal Opposition Leader, whose name is Anthony Albanese, proposed the idea of a $300 cash payment as a way to encourage Australians to get their jabs as soon as possible

“The faster this is achieved, the faster the recovery as we emerge from the lockdowns that are bleeding hundreds of millions of dollars a day from the nation’s finances.” said Albanese.

Labor said the proposal would inject up to $6 billion into the economy if all eligible Australians got the jab and spent the cash payment.

However, Scotty has dismissed this idea as unhelpful and negative propaganda aimed at highlighting his government’s bungled jab roll-out, which has actually been rated as one of the worst in the world.

Yesterday Australians made it clear that they are sick of the spin, as detailed in this viral article by The Betoota Advocate: “Hem Hem… Less Talky… More Three Hundji”

However, with Scotty distracted by his best friend and Hillsong co-founder Brian Houston being charged with concealing evidence related to his father’s alleged pedophillia, and the new car parks rorts scandal – he hasn’t gone near the prospect of giving us our cash.

It looking increasingly likely that a stolen Woolworths trolley pole might be the fastest route to getting our jab payments.

“Scotty brutha” says the nation today.

“300 bucks or the trolley pole”

“It’s your call brutha”


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