While taking a break from all of the political in-fighting that has plagued his party over the Summer break, Greens Party leader Senator Di Natale has managed to squeeze in one more ‘Bush Doof’ before returning to the Federal upper house.

The Senator says he feels “refreshed, enlightened and full of positive energy” after the three day rave sabbatical in rural Victoria.

“I needed this” he says.

“As a doctor, I am very aware of the correlation between lifestyle and mind. But people often forget that spirituality plays a role there as well”

“Unwinding comes in many shapes and sizes. Personally, I find the most effective way to do it is through three days barefoot with a community of rogue savages and a heightened state of mind”

“The music was so lit”

Last week it was revealed that factional battles erupting under the surface for weeks became public overnight with current and former members of the party openly disagreeing over which member is best suited to collect about 10% of the vote at the next election.

“They might not know it yet. But I think they’ll end up agreeing on having me retain the role as party leader” he said.

“I have done a lot of thinking. A lot contemplation. A shaman at the doof told me that my energy is right. This is the year”


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