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After another week from hell, the Prime Minister has been called into an urgent crisis meeting this morning.

Our PM’s Marketing Team called the damage control conference earlier today, in an effort to try and find a way out of this disaster.

“This is not a good look Scotty,” said one of Morrison’s Marketing advisors.

“Being mates with a bloke accused of covering up paedophilia doesn’t really pass the pub test.”

“In fact, nearly everyone we’ve spoken to thinks it’s pretty fucking crook.”

The crisis meeting comes after it was revealed last night that Brian Houston, a close friend of the Prime Minister was charged over the concealment of alleged child sex offences.

The founder of the Hillsong Church has been charged with allegedly concealing information about child sexual abuse following a two-year investigation.

It’s alleged the charges relate to his father Frank Houston.

Following those charges, plenty of questions have been raised about the Prime Minister’s close relationship with Houston, including inside the Church, and outside, where Morrison made phone calls to try and get Houston a meeting in the Whitehouse.

The close relationship has also caused his nearest and dearest to fret that their jobs might be on the line as the Prime Minister’s miracle election win from a couple of years ago seems to be getting forgotten inside the party.

“I reckon you’ve probably gotta come out and throw Brian under a bus Scotty,” said one of the PM’s stressed advisors.

“The jab-stroll out, the lockdowns, the car parks, the Porter stuff we can brush off,” continued the staffer.

“But being mate’s with someone charged of heinous crimes is possibly a bridge too far.”

It’s believed Scotty was reluctant to commit to anything in the meeting, instead trying to suggest he just avoid all media for a week or two.

More to come.


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