In a story that would have dominated the newscycle in simpler times, One Nation founder and leader Pauline Hanson was stung multiple times by wasps while gardening in her backyard earlier this week.

While presumably pruning all the colourful flowers while leaving the white ones, the Queensland senator was stung multiple times by the swarm of wasps leaving her with a swollen face and arm.

After posting the photos of her injuries online for some reason, the 67 year old was flooded with well wishes while others enquired about the condition of the offending wasps.

While there was great concern for the swollen wellbeing of the far-right populists, it appears the Aboriginal community were overjoyed to learn that the incident had taken place on January 26.

Not to be shamed for her lack of suburban bushcraft, however, the Baroness of West Brissy has reached into her old bag of tricks and hidden her injuries underneath her favourite burqa.

In August of 2017, Hanson caused a stir when she wore a burqa onto the floor of the Australian Senate, pulling off the dual impossibilities of setting an even lower standard for herself and making conservative Liberal Senator George Brandis look like an alright bloke for reprimanding her.

But now, in 2022 the wasp-ravaged Pauline is certainly glad that she bought outright instead of renting the religious wear.

“The good thing about this is it covers everything,” stated Hanson.

“No one knows what I look like under here.”

“…which is a big problem! Don’t forget that!”



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