The Deputy Prime Minister has wowed reality TV viewers this week, after an incredible performance on the Masked Singer last night.

With plenty of speculation about who was inside the ‘The Volcano,’ it’s fair to say that nobody expected to be Barnaby Joyce.

So, it was a piece of reality tv production brilliance when the noted anti-masker emerged after his breathtaking performance.

Sweating profusely, and reportedly smelling like full strength, Joyce unmasked himself after an inspiring rendition of the Dolly Parton hit ‘Jolene.’

“Keep underestimating me,” said the leader of The Nationals after dedicating himself to a new cause aimed at improving the lives of his regional constituents.

The knee tapping performance comes as a real u-turn for the man, just a few months after Joyce was fined for not wearing a mask in the middle of a national and international crisis.

“Couldn’t wait to get this mask off though,” he laughed after belting out the last few Jolene’s like a man possesed.

“It’s a real infringement of personal freedoms, but it was worth it to show the people at home how I can belt out a tune,” he said.

“Would like to see that piece of white bread from Wagga put on a show like this,” he said before walking off the stage.


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