Off Hand Remark Enough To Unlock Local Pharmacist’s Pretty Strong Opinions About The Government


A Betoota Heights Pharmacist has a few things to say about the various levels of government, it can be confirmed today.

Speaking to a patient receiving their second spicy cough jab so life can try and return somewhat to normal, the employee of the community pharmacy on Wilson street explained that he’d like to have our word with our leaders.

The comments came after a very off-hand and conversational remark about the government’s jab stroll out.

The throwaway comment was reportedly enough to set the young woman off on a fair tirade.

“Do not even start me,” she said, walking the man into her little jab appointment booth.

“What a fucking joke. These people are career politicians who are supposed to have made a career out of representing and working for the people. Instead, it just seems like they work for themselves and the party,” she said.

“Left-handed yeah?”

“It would be easier to order having the rival pharmacist down the street killed than it was to secure these doses for the community.”

“Oh, and we are pretty much just supposed to administer them fucking off our on bat,” she said.

“Hold, tight, won’t hurt,” she continued guiding the needle in.

“Of course the big companies get their premiums on manufacturing something that was developed with public money, and the GPs get paid healthy overtime for putting them in people’s arms,” she explained.

“But not us, we get a pittance and are expected to stay open late 7 days a week so we can go about protecting the country.”

“There you go, anyway. Here’s your sticker, you should be alright to go in roughly 15 minutes if you don’t show any symptoms” she finished before walking off to take a few deep breaths out the back.

More to come.


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