Islamic leaders across Australia have today urged Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison to do more about the criminal behaviour within their community.

The comments come after the sexual assault of a young woman in Parliament House, and allegations of more horrific behaviour within the circles of federal politics.

“We need to be realistic about the threat,” said the Imam from Betoota’s Flight Path District today.

“It is a time for community members to step up,” he continued, repeating back the Home Affairs Minister’s own words to him.

“You need to know who those people are in your community.”

His comments come alongside similar statements from other Islamic leaders, after Peter Dutton explained that he didn’t tell the Prime Minister about the sexual assault of Brittany Higgins in the parliament house.

Peter Dutton today said he didn’t want to inform the PM of operational matters, and referred to the alleged sexual assault as ‘he said, she said.’

As a result, Betoota’s Flight Path Iman explained that the government needs; “to raise the level of awareness and alertness and to raise the level of proactivity – both members of that community and the leaders of that community because their community is the one that’s being infiltrated and we have to say that because it’s true and it presents a real risk to the safety of Australians and themselves and their own children.”

Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton are both yet to respond to comments from the sector of society they usually berate in blatant attempts to dog whistle to the public.

More to come.


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