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Sydney-based Left-leaning witch hunt gang, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, will be among the last services to re-open in New South Wales as the government declares it to be largely un-essential to the running of the government.

The corruption watchdog was shut down along with a number of other public services in June but will be the last to come back online, which it will do when the state reaches 170% double-jabbed.

“Think of the government as a pavlova,” Gladys told media this morning in the NSW state capital.

“My ministers and I are the crunchy and chewy base. Members of the public are the cream because you’re all so rich and full of fat because you’ve been paid to sit and home and eat. The emergency services are the fruit because, without them, the cream would perish,”

“Services like the ICAC are the shaved truffles on top. I mean, it’s nice to have but you’re not going to miss it if it’s not there, right? I mean, there’s no shaved truffle in the real world, is there? Like there’s no need for the ICAC in the real world,”

“I know my friends in the Labor Party agree with me on that. Which is why, to minimise the risk to the public, the ICAC will re-open when most of the public has had one or more booster shots and hopefully by that time, I’ll be at Macquarie or Qantas or whatever,”

“Can I just say, how excited are we to get back to normal? I know I am!”

More to come.


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