Even though this his third or fourth time catching an Uber, a local dad still appears to be battling with how his adult children are paying for these things.

“Wait, so is this one of those ones that’s already paid for?” asks 63-year-old Lionel Buckley.

While it’s been explained to him several times before, it seems the semi-retired kitchen appliances retailer is still not confident in his understanding of the 6-year-old transport app.

The fusion of the internet, private car owners, iPhones and debit card details are a bit much, but still he thinks it might be worth asking the driver – as he and his son make their way home from a local footy match.

Once again, the explanation doesn’t seem to be thorough enough. As the car reaches it’s destination out front of his house, Lionel reaches for his wallet.

“Hold up dad, this is all sorted” says his son, Damien.

Despite having his own son somewhat involved in the shareable economy, Lionel still somehow thinks this car arrived because someone made a phone call, and that paying this bloke in cash is still an option.

“Wait, so you paid already?” he asks again.

“Where’s the metre? Make sure you’re not getting ripped off”


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