While the New England hub of Tamworth is struggling through a week-long lockdown, there has been somewhat of a silver lining for one local man.

Pete Pawsey says the snap stay-at-home order has given him the perfect opportunity to can a dreaded dinner with the in-laws.

“Thank fuck for that,” laughed the grumpy farmer who dreads leaving his property unless it’s to go and sink piss with his schoolmates from decades ago.

“I’m not postponing a week either, just flat out saying let’s cancel it,” laughed the man who married a woman from a unicorn Labor voting farming family a few clicks away.

His comments come after the town of Tamworth was slammed into lockdown for one week, starting from 5pm Monday, as Greater Sydney’s Delta outbreak spreads.

This snap lockdown was announced after a woman left the Hunter Region before their lockdown, and brought the spicy cough to the New England.

“I’m kinda thankful to that lady aye,” laughed Pete, who was dreading being barbed about his politic views at the dinner table on Friday night.

“They always act as if there being playful, and then the monster in law just goes in on me,” explained Pete.


“That’s their latest one”

“Then their all smirking and stirring, and the wife starts laughing at me too”


“I’m wound up thinking about it”

“So yeah, I’m glad we are in lockdown and I don’t get baited to the point where I say something mildly personal and everyone looks around the room awkwardly and then they give me shit for going for the Roosters”

“Very glad”


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