After over 18 months of throwing barbs at one another over who is handling this pandemic the worst, Sydney and Melbourne have tonight squashed the beef.

This comes as the Northern Rivers capital of Byron Bay, a community of elite expats who were wealthy enough to flee both cities to escape lockdowns, goes into lockdown.

The lockdown affects anyone who has been in these areas on or after July 31 – and will last until August 17.

This comes after a man in his 50s tested positive 19 after arriving in the Byron Shire from Sydney.

He is currently being treated at Lismore Base Hospital, and investigations are ongoing into why he travelled to the region.

It would appear that the active case subscribed to the same spirit science as the rest of the linen-clad toffs in Byron Bay, who detest immunisations and QR codes because they are both rich and dumb enough to think they know better than our frontline medical staff.

There is a mild level of sympathy for Byron’s rapidly shrinking community of residents who aren’t millionaires that treat the town like a never ending holiday utopia, but at this point everyone is just happy to bond over a common enemy.

Brisbane has not engaged in these inter-city rivalries, because this virus doesn’t seem to be able to survive the strong arm of swift Queensland justice.

The same rules apply to the current restrictions in Greater Sydney, Hunter region and parts of the New England region – but everyone is feeling sorry for those poor country folks who keep getting their jabs relocated to the cities


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