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The Prime Minister appeared on local FM radio this morning where he took the opportunity to remind listeners that he did not poop his pants at McDonalds.

Speaking to Nova’s Flipper & The Chimp on 1024.5 Betoota FM, Scott Morrison was repeatedly asked how his relationship with his close personal friend Brian Houston was going after the Hillsong founder was charged wtih concealing child sex offences. 

“Can I just clear something up?” asked Scotty.

“I did not soil myself at the Engadine McDonalds back in 1997!”

Flipper laughed but The Chimp was not amused.

“With all due respect Mr Prime Minister, I asked you about Brian Houston and how your relationship is with him right now considering the extremely crook shit he’s been charged with,” said The Chimp.

Mr Morrison laughed.

“They said it was after the Super League Grand Final between the Sharks and I can’t remember it was that long ago. Mate, I’ve been bopping around The Shire my whole life, you can’t expect me to have the clearest memory!”

The Chimp still wasn’t having it.

“Our listeners want to know the truth, Mr Morrison. The listeners of the Flipper & Chimp show want to know if you’re still taking council from someone like Brian Houston. The presumption of innocence isn’t going to cut it, in this instance,” said The Chimp.

Again, Scotty refused to even address the two radio stars.

“I have no idea where the rumour came from, it’s just so bizarre! All I know is that Engadine Maccas does a fantastic McFlurry and the Big Macs there, oh my Lord, I just cannot keep away from them. I’m such a bogan! Tell you what, every time I have to shit in one of those bowel cancer test kit things, I’m actually surprised when it comes back that there’s no little Spanish Dancers doing the tango in my colon! That’s how much fucken Maccas I eat!”

Flipper laughed so hard he shit himself.

“Look out!” yelled Scotty.

“Flipper has pooed his pants! Oh no! He’s taking his pants off! I can see the poo! Holy cow! He’s smearing it all over the mixboard! Nooooo!!! Flipper!! Stop smearing poo on the mixboard!”

The Chimp vomited on himself and left the room in a hurry.

Scotty laughed and said repeatedly that this is the best interview he’s ever had.

“Oh man, you guys are killing me!” he yelled.

More to come.


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