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The West Australian Parliament has been plunged into chaos this afternoon as the State’s Premier Mark McGowan admitted to being in a medium-risk jurisdiction.

Mark McGowan told police and media today that back in 1968, he was in New South Wales.

New South Wales was declared a ‘medium-risk’ jurisdiction by the WA Government back in 1935 and anybody who has arrived in Western Australia on or before June 19 1935 needs to be tested for the Sydney Sneeze.

As Mr McGowan arrived in Perth in 1989, he should’ve been tested for the Pangolin’s Revenge upon his arrival.

“When I arrived at HMAS Stirling back in 1989, I was not tested for the Peppermint Grove Bark. I should’ve declared on my G2G pass that I had been in a medium-risk jurisdiction,” he said.  

“So I have submitted myself for testing today and I will now go into isolation until the result comes back,”

“And because we’re in WA, that means I will need to be in self-isolation for 6 years, no matter what the result is,”

“My deputy will be acting Premier until September 2027. I’m sorry but this is the action my government needs to take in order to keep West Australians safe. I make no apologies,”

“May God have mercy on me.”

More to come.


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