The news of a Spice Girls reunion sent waves through the millions of now adult fans scattered across the globe. And while the greater public hotly anticipated getting the girl group back together, for any true fan, it just reignited a fierce competition and rivalry that was thought to be long buried.

Stacey Gunning (27) caught up with the Advocate earlier to enlighten us to the trauma she’s been reliving as a result of the reunion.

“Well, I was always Sporty Spice. I was the sportiest person in my year, so it seemed like a natural fit. But then Courtney started at our school and she was also Sporty Spice. Courtney –“ Stacey broke off to regather herself.

“Sorry. Courtney was horrible. She told me I wasn’t allowed to be Sporty and that I’d be better suited to Ginger. Ginger!”

For those not familiar with the pop group, there are five members; Sporty, Scary, Baby, Posh and Ginger, all with ‘spice’ placed after their adjectival names.

The group shot to fame in 1996 with their debut single ‘Wannabe’, a song which addresses the value of female friendship over a heterosexual bond.

For our entertainment, we organised to have Stacey and Courtney in the same room and have them once again battle it out for the much-coveted Sporty spice position.

“For God’s sake Stacey, give it up already. I am, and always will be, Sporty Spice” said Courtney.

“Are you kidding? Courtney look at the size of you! It’s pretty obvious that any sporting ability you once had was left on the hockey field in year 6” retorted Stacey.

It was at this point our reporters realised this was not a good idea and separated the women. Nevertheless, this experiment just highlights how influential the Spice Girls were on young Gen Y women.

More to come.



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