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The old fella is getting the job done today in Betoota as father of eight Kenneth Vaughn (68) did his lunch companions a courtesy and fixed their rickety cafe table.

Although he’s a lover of nothin’ too flash, Vaughn is physically unable to sit at a cafe table that is even the least bit rickety often causing him to fulfil his duty to society, get down on his knees and fix that damn table.

While out to lunch with his wife, eldest daughter and her non-sport-watching boyfriend at French Quarter cafe Spoons & Isms, Vaughn had hardly sat down before he identified the table as a deadset rocker and immediately sprang into action.

“Charlie do us a favour and fold that napkin for us,” stated Vaughn, getting beneath the table like some sort of furniture mechanic.

“I reckon we just might be able to fix this.”

Having apparently had experience with this sort of thing due to some vague apprenticeship he undertook in the ‘70s, Vaughn made short work of the task, proving the standard of his craftsmanship with a firm smack of the tabletop.

“There she is! Good as new!”

During the remainder of the meal, Vaughn politely enquired with his guests about how they were enjoying the sturdy table before fulfilling his dad duties once again by making a joke about paying the bill with his ‘spendings account.’


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