Over 95% of the extension cords in Australia are either slightly too short or wildly oversized, according to a new report. 

The report, “Too Long To Reach; the Extension Cord Paradox” examines the reasons for the mysterious phenomenon, ranging from Murphy’s Law to the price of copper. But the conclusion is clear. Extension cords are rarely the correct length. 

“I knew it wasn’t my imagination!” said extension cord owner Clair Burrell, 58. “I either have to move the Christmas tree 20cm closer to the power point after I’ve already hung the decorations, or I have this huge coil of cord that everyone trips over. And I only own one extension cord, so this just makes no sense whatsoever”.  

However, Australian Extension Cord Retailers Association Chairman, Andy Vukman, says the reason extension cords are a bit too short or a lot too long is very simple.

“Often the cord is too long because users are upsold on the length in the store. They think ‘hey for just an extra $5 I can get a 25m cord instead of a 20m cord. And that’s just common sense; a 25m extension cord can reach an appliance 25m away. So that’s why the cord is often too long. And the reason it’s sometimes too short this time of year is because it’s winter so there is a shrinkage factor”.


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