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A prominent local master builder has sent his 17-year-old apprentice home early today after watching him eat a cold quiche for smoko.

Visibly shaken by the ordeal, McCarthur Projects owner Miles Hanford said he couldn’t believe his eyes when offsider Jason Moulin hooked into the eggy treat.

“I mean, he already drives an automatic Falcon ute. That I was prepared to overlook, but the quiche? No way,” said the 48-year-old builder.

“He was lucky nobody else saw him do it. He’d be laughed off the site and my reputation would be completely ruined. He doesn’t even come to the pub on Thursdays and Fridays to sink cold ones with the boys and watch the league,”

“He goes home and drinks cordial while he watches fucking soccer. But he’s a good young builder, but fuck me.”

Hitting back at his boss, Jason said he politely declines each invitation to come drink with the boys at the pub after work because he’s 17.

He’s also a vegetarian, meaning that hoeing into a Four’n’Twenty rat coffin at 10am isn’t going to happen.

“Mate, I know it’s a bad look, but I’m a vego so I eat quiche,” he said.

“I also don’t like league. My Mum’s from Perth and my old man is French. Cunt, how much rugby league do you think gets played in my household. The answer is none,”

“Anyway, Miles gave me the day off for eating a quiche. I bet the old fuck head is having fun carrying all his gear around today the fucking idiot.”

More to come.


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