A regional dad has had to press mute on the footy he was watching, to offer some words of approval to his daughter’s new outfits.

It’s reported that Sandy Kinsey had taken her daughter out for a trip to the local shopping centre and had splurged a couple of hundred on some new outfits, courtesy of the Miss Shop section in Myer.

Though she never spent a single dollar on herself, Sandy had made her daughter pinky promise they’d tell dad it only cost $80.

It’s unlikely the high costs would faze dad at all, but Sandy had been conditioned to be stingy by her Maltese mother, who had a habit of combing through receipts and tut-tutting at anything that cost more than $20.

However, the one thing daughter Laura can do to show her thanks is to treat dad to a fashion show, though it’s unlikely Kevin is interested in seeing his daughter’s latest floral skirt or the cute denim jacket she got on sale.

But considering he’s a good sort, Kevin can at least cast aside two minutes of his day to praise his daughter’s new wardrobe, which will be the most talking he’s done all day.



“Aw yeah.”

“Very bright.”

More to come.


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