As the world continues to watch on in horror at the events unfolding in Ukraine, a Betoota Heights local has revealed she’s had enough of this thing already.

Speaking to us from her office job in the Old City District, third-generation Polish descendant Katarzyna Szczepański says she’s got as much of an idea about what’s going on in Ukraine as anyone else.

Maybe a tiny bit more, but not enough to give her friends and coworkers a 15 minute Ted Talk twice a day.

This comes as Russia’s full-blown invasion of Ukraine continues, with the West continuing to threaten sanctions after being caught off guard by a leader who actually follows through on his threats.

The Ukraine government says Russian tanks and troops rolled across the border in a “full-scale war,” with persistent and prolonged airstrikes and shelling hitting cities and bases.

Speaking to The Advocate about the situation, Szczepanski explained that she can only really drip-feed bits of information from the news, and her parents and grandparents.

The locally educated third-gen immigrant who has only been to Betoota’s Polish Club unironically once in her life explained that she isn’t really sure why all this is happening.

“I mean the Russians see Ukraine like we see Western Australia, but like it’s all pretty convoluted I think,” she said.

“And I mean, the Poles don’t really like the Russians. But I don’t think they are that fond of the Ukrainians either, which is a feeling that goes both ways I think”

“I don’t know, that’s just what I gather from Dziadek’s lectures. That’s Polish for pop btw.”

“So, it seems like they all don’t get on over there and Russia’s the biggest kid in the schoolyard. But that’s all I’ve got, so please, tell people to stop asking me to be some geopolitical expert on the 7:30 report.”

“Mum always makes a point of not talking about all that stuff.”

More to come.


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