The ratings monster that is Married At First Sight is back on TV screens, and for lovers of reality television, it is living up to the hype again this year.

Causing exhales, gasps, and sighs, MAFS has once again followed the formula of pairing up a small number of couples who actually seem compatible and watching them wade through a wetland of couples who are obviously bad for each other.

That drama that comes with marrying people who shouldn’t spend an hour together let alone a couple of months is then of course exacerbated with excessive alcohol and producers locking people in rooms until they agree to fight with another contestant in front of the camera.

However, with the proper hype of cheating scandals, walkouts, and full-blown physical altercations ahead of viewers, it’s been left to a couple of the show’s more notable characters to do the heavy lifting.

One of those is the big Texan Andrew, who has caused more than a few viewers to simulate throwing glasses of wine at the TV screen.

Last night he left plenty sighing, and even more calling bullshit when he claimed to his wife that he has slept with more than 350 women.

That claim comes despite the fact he doesn’t exactly look like Channing Tatum, or have the BDE of Pete Davidson, and caused visible shock with his tv wife who was seen desperately trying to crunch the numbers on that one.

Given the lack of science involved in the world’s most dramatic scientific experiment, those claims are yet to be fact-checked, but it’s believed big Andrew will claim to catch a 110cm tuna of the break wall with a light rod in the coming episodes.

Producers have also informed The Advocate that he says he’s capable of an 11 second flat hundred metre sprint and actually has had a fling with Dua Lipa.

Much more to come.


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