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A woman has today had to opt for one of her backup peasant masks, after losing her fashionable black during a weekend bender.

Leslie Hornby [23] is said to have grown quite fond of her trusty black mask, reportedly feeling a pang of sadness when she’d realised she’d lost it.

Thinking it was just hard to find as usual, given the inside of her handbag was also black, Leslie had been less than thrilled to discover it was missing and that she’d have to buy another one online – leaving her with nothing else to use, but a disgusting blue paper mask.

No doubt designed for people with large melons, Leslie often had to double strap it from falling off, leaving her looking as though she was a kid playing doctor. That, coupled with the amount of lipstick and makeup marks left on the inside, is more than enough to completely break an outfit. Because nothing disrupts head to toe black, than a hideous disposable bag over your face.

Using it only to enter shops and for public transport, Leslie suffers through her fashion faux pas and makes a mental note to order a new black mask as soon as possible so she can continue to uphold her image as the token trendsetter.

More to come.


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