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A popular local fashion blogger has spoken of how she once considered putting her arms through the sleeves of a jacket draped over her shoulders, but ultimately decided against it.

Amy Caldwell, of Betoota’s trendy French Quarter, told The Advocate that she was waiting for a taxi the other night outside the Exchange Hotel in the Old City district when a stiff, chilly wind began to howl.

“My teeth were chattering and I was literally frozen to the core,” said the 24-year-old fashionista.

“Never in my life have I been that cold. Colder than ice I was – but then I remembered I had a jacket draped over me. It was almost frigid enough for me to actually put my arms down the sleeve holes,”

“Almost. What’s the point in wearing a jacket if you’re not just going to hang it over you like emergency workers drape blankets over people who’ve just survived a natural disaster?” she asked.

In a recent survey conducted on Caldwell’s own blog, close to 90% of all ladies jackets in the wider Diamantina community have never had an arm put down the sleeve holes.

Disturbing reading says Amy, who also made the point of explaining that the morning after she woke up from that chilling evening in the Old City, she’d developed a bad cough.

“I’m pretty sure I got sick from getting so cold that night, but I just couldn’t bring myself to wear my jacket properly. It can go from stylish and cute to frumpy and grump very quickly.”

More to come.


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