As someone who lives almost entirely on microwaved meals, local bloke Anthony Williams is trying to make the most of his Christmas lunch. 

The Betoota Heights app developer is said to have made the trip under the guise of catching up with his family when really he was just there for some of nan’s prized mac and cheese. An intention that was evident by his lacklustre contribution of lamingtons that were obviously picked up at the IGA.

Nonetheless, as long as he can dodge his cousins who have a ‘brilliant app idea’ they’d like to share with him, Anthony’s quite happy to do the bare minimum conversation wise so he can eat a years’ worth of calories in one sitting. Even if it does mean answering some very intimate questions about his love life, or lack thereof.

Unfortunately, the vacuum-like speed in which he’s consumed his meal has left Anthony with an empty plate within minutes of him sitting at the table. And judging by the amorous conversations around him, it looks as though it’ll be a while before it’s acceptable to dish a second plate.

Nodding mindlessly as he keeps a mental tab of everyone’s meal, Anthony figures waiting until half the table has finished is an acceptable amount of time before loading up for round two.

More to come.


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