Local child Delia Housten has tried a number of tactics to avoid vegetables.

Hiding them under her steak bones, putting them in the pot plant, and even carrying them in her pockets to be offloaded in the toilet.

Which she should have been a bit more clever about, as she never checked to see if she flushed it properly.

But after much trial and error, Delia has finally found a tactic that has a relatively high success rate – forming a symbiotic relationship with her pet, Archie, who is more than happy to consume anything handed to him under the table.

Though the sleight of hand does require a few looks around the table, Delia has found that Archie is pretty damn good at being stealthy.

In fact, the level of focus and silence demonstrated by the terrier is pretty impressive, seeing it’s the same pet that’s scared of his own farts.

It’s unknown how long the pair will get away with their domestic deceit, but here’s hoping Archie doesn’t give the game away by rejecting any offers – though Friday’s chilli con carne might make things a little difficult.

More to come.


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