A target floor manager has today been spotted staring into the abyss, just two hours into his shift.

Onlookers report seeing the young man go into a trance, somehow reflecting both emptiness and inexpressible sadness in his blank expression.

Looking as though he’d been told he had 48 hours to vacate his property, the bloke’s once expressive brown eyes had turned into pools of black ink, resulting in a figure that was uncannily human but devoid of all emotion.

As he’d wavered slightly and continued to stare at nothing in particular, his momentary reverie is said to have been broken by a passerby presenting their bag for inspection, resulting in his head quickly darting downwards for one second before giving a short, curt nod of approval.

Like a statue representing melancholia, the manager was seen instantly resuming his post, and perhaps communicating silently with some kind of deity.

More to come.


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